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Best Vegan Restaurants in Bangkok

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Best Vegan Restaurants in Bangkok

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand

Some of the best vegan restaurants in Bangkok are hidden gems. From Buddhist temples to street corners, these hidden havens offer delicious meals and our known for being well-priced.

Looking no further for the best vegan restaurants in Bangkok. Here are top 5 vegan restaurants you should try, that are considered the best vegan restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand by locals and awards. Find reviews of the top 5 vegan friendly restaurants serving appetizing plant based meals and desserts that will keep you wanting to try more.

Bangkok Vegan Restaurant Reviews & Highlights

My favorite restaurants in Bangkok are all vegan. Some of my favorites include the Thai Patting Elephant restaurant for its delicious vegetarian dishes, or Shasimi Indian Cuisine which offers an amazing thali selection with tasty South-east Asian cuisine that’s perfect to share as well!

Bangkok Local

You’ll find it hard to decide which vegan restaurant in Bangkok is your favorite. There are many great options, but if you ask me I’d have to say Morning Glory Chef Foodies Pacific and Noov Fusion Indian Cuisine both serve some of the most delicious food around!

Bangkok Local
Bangkok Vegeterian Restaurants
Vegan-Friendly Restuarants in Bangkok

Bangkok Vegan Restaurants

Easy access to great vegan food is one of the best things about living in Bangkok. There’s a ton of hidden gems across this melting pot, but we’ve found some that are particularly unique and delicious – like Buddhist temples! These joints offer excellent meatless meals at surprisingly fair prices (for Thailand).

One of the most happening cities for foodies is also home to some delicious vegan restaurants. From Thai cuisine with fresh ingredients like coconut milk or bamboo shoots used creatively on your plate; Indian dishes infused by Hinduism which includes yogurt as well–you’ll be able to taste it all here if you just take a walk down Khao San Road (which literally means “Mango Street”) where these places thrive at farm to table-style dishes. Make sure to visit best vegetarian restaurants in sukhumvit (bangkok) as this is one of the top destinations for travelers and locals.

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