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Socially Conscious Travelers are aware of the impact they create on the world around them and support businesses who are accessible to all.

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ECO Conscious Traveler is a resource where Travelers can share their experiences with one another, both good and bad, and allow travelers to locate travel locations and services that match their unique needs and ethics.

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Discover the most inspiring and transformative destinations on earth.

Conscious Traveller’s mission is to satisfy your thirst for the most exciting, mind-expanding and spiritually nourishing travel possibilities, whether you choose to trip-out at home or seek enlightenment by putting one foot in front of the other. We scour the globe for the most exciting, enlightening and consciousness raising destinations that dissolve seemingly impenetrable boundaries and accelerate your spiritual growth.

The Conscious Traveller’s journey is equally important as the destination.

Whether your idea of conscious travel is chanting with monks in Tibet, visiting Stonehenge during the solstice, meditating in Indian ashrams, exploring other realities with DMT, going on plant medicine retreats, using your voice or creativity to transform, practicing yoga in Greece, walking the Camino, touring the most amazing labyrinths, or studying crop circles in England….. Conscious Traveller magazine will make sure you get there.

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Stream Ride helps travelers get to and from airports in Austin College, Texas.

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